Dr. Karim Taha El-Arabi graduated with BSc of physical therapy 2002 and has been practicing in Egypt. But despite having good results with patients, he felt the need of a more holistic approach to satisfy his patients’ needs.

Dr. Karim   maintained an independent training in each of the following departments: Orthopaedics and Sports Injuries, Burn unit, Chest unit, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Cardiology and ICU, Neurology, Geriatrics, Paediatrics, Paediatrics Surgery, Special Paediatrics and Special Neurology.  In addition to ten written case studies and research dissertation entitled “Management of Sports Injuries”.  He has been a recurring trainer as a physiotherapist for a year, primarily working on evaluation, designing and planning for Physical Therapy programs: orthopaedic and neurological Physical Therapy at the Kuwait Physical Therapy Centre in Cairo.

Dr. Karim insists that continuing learning is the only way to help his patients, and therefore he took many postgraduate courses to achieve his vision as a practitioner, such as; sports injury, electro and laser acupuncture, McKenzie, medical taping, Mulligan, Myofascial, Trigger points, Muscle energy, and positional release.

During his practice, his willingness to reach out more people to help, lead him to obtain a Diploma of health care management from the American university in Cairo which gave him a global understanding of how a patient-focused medical system is the best for the patients.

He was later introduced to the philosophy of osteopathy, which took him to the UK and graduate with an MSc in osteopathy.

Also, supporting his belief that learning more would help him to empower his patients, he went to many postgraduate training courses including; Myofascial release, Visceral treatment, cranial manipulation, sports injuries, and Still technique.

Combining all his professional education and experience gives him the ability to provide a high quality holistic care incorporates a unique, gentle, and hands-on approach to pain management. Dr. Karim has been practicing as a physiotherapist in Egypt for the last 13 years but despite having good results with his patients, he believes that his approach requires a more holistic approach to satisfy his patients’ needs. Consequently, osteopathy was the answer.

He is a member of the General Physical Therapy Syndicate in Egypt and a member of the General Osteopathic council (GOsC).

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